Call for Authors

Instructors:   Package your instructional materials into consumable workbooks.

Cooks & Chefs:  Time to package those favorite recipes to share with others.

Writers:  You know it was funny & interesting.  Now share it for everybody.

Poets:  Don't leave those great ideas on your computer.  Publish them.

Innovators:  You can even publish your materials on electronic media - audio or text.


Various Publications







  Interested authors should send
  1. full contact information
  2. type or format of publication planned, and
  3. a brief explanation of the content.
    You will be contacted immediately.
  • We provide registered ISBN number
  • Once your product is fully defined, a small, one-time setup/service fee will apply depending on the features you choose.
  • While there are no orders too small, you can order your own product at the wholesale price. Orders from the public will provide you with a royalty income.