Author:  Dr. Jerry P. Galloway
Autobiography Traditional Martial Arts
  Student Manual
(5th Ed.)
Creative Martyrdom: A Handbook




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A Mosaic of Perseverance:  The Autobiography of Dr. Jerry Galloway

Through this intimate chronology, readers are taken on the amazing life journey of Dr. Jerry Paul Galloway. From Jerry's start in a modest 1950's Midwestern family, you will grow up, come of age and find your way in the world, through the cold war, the musical and cultural revolution of the1960's and the technological boom that followed. Jerry shares important lessons for a life of endeavor, enterprise and fortitude.

After starting a family as a teenager, Dr. Galloway earned his doctorate in education while raising 2 children, starting a business and working in the arts. After a lifetime of philosophy and meditation, many important insights are found in music and performance, spirituality, and the development of knowledge. Read a whimsical comedy and a serious treatise on life's unfolding challenge of finding meaning and success.

Jerry started his own family of 4 as a teenager and worked to develop the lives and education of himself and his family.  He first began hands-on computing as an IBM-360 mainframe operator in the late 70's in Houston, Texas. After a Bachelor's Degree in Logic and Law School at the South Texas College of Law, he began his doctoral work as computer technology was beginning in public schools. He also worked as a VAX-mainframe programmer during the middle 1980's. He earned his Doctor of Education degree at the University of Houston in 1987 with some of the earliest work on helping beginning teachers learn and adapt to the demands of instructional technology.

After teaching as a professor at the University of Houston, Dr. Galloway then served for 16 years as the Coordinator of Computer Education and Associate Professor of Education at Indiana University Northwest. He has published dozens of articles, a number of textbooks and a variety of CD media materials. He since taught a few years at Georgia Southern University, Texas Wesleyan University and The University of Texas at Arlington.   Through all of this, Dr. Galloway managed to develop a considerable range of personal endeavors and avocations that became the defining aspect of his character.  This is a story of family values and spirituality, endeavor and exploration, music and performance, challenge and achievement, learning and enrichment and the building of fortitude and perseverance that make such things possible.


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This handbook provides all the instructions that the witless and misguided need to become fully official and highly respected martyrs.  Certainly, if you've considered becoming a martyr there are countless issues you've failed to consider.  First, if you're starting to think along these lines, then the odds that you've fully considered the consequences are unlikely.  Without casting any aspersions on your character (obviously, you’re highly respected individual among your compatriots), we’re ready to suggest that this is the book for you to get the job done properly.  With only the briefest of sarcasm, this handbook will guide you through the whole process.

One of the first of several works of sarcasm and wit from the endless Humor Archive of Dr. Jerry P. Galloway.


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