TMA Educational Services, Inc
Customer Notes





All customers should be aware of certain things.  Please be advised that...

  1. Unless otherwise arranged, all sites are "non-maintenance."  This means that once the web site is completed and posted online, no further development or modifications (except very minor) will be provided.  Minor modifications would be things like a necessary phone number change.  One or two such corrections during a service year should be no problem.  Of course, if the site becomes dysfunctional for any reason, that will be investigated and corrected.  Many companies need "current events" or seasonal updates so a special maintenance service would need to be contracted.
  2. The "Limited Beginner Service" involves the utilization of 3rd-party vendor's services for hosting the site.  TMA has no responsibility and no control over the advertising associated with that service.  Hosting typically includes pop-up and banner ads that appear and reappear as the site is accessed.
  3. Some features are services provided by 3rd-party vendors.  Such services typically include advertising attached to these services, although it's usually minor.  This advertising can often be avoided or perhaps suppressed by upgrading with the service provider to some sort of "premium" service for an additional fee.
  4. Placement of your new web site in search engines (Yahoo, Google, etc.) cannot be controlled.  The Internet and the search engines provide search results on a "world-wide" basis, not just for your community.  So, you compete for search engine priority with every service like yours in the world.   A more active site will increase the likelihood of being noticed more prominently by search engines.  So, increase public awareness by using your address on business cards, letterheads, store fronts, emails, correspondence, miscellaneous displays around your areas and, of course, word-of-mouth.
  5. Sound Clips, Video Movie Files, and Document Downloads will behave and be rendered according to the natural tendencies of the browser used to access the site.  Nothing extra beyond establishing a hyperlink to the source will be programmed on your site.
  6. TMA retains ownership of all domain names, web pages, graphics, text arrangements and displays.
  7. TMA has no responsibility for any liabilities or obligations resulting from content displayed on customer's web sites.
  8. TMA offers no warranty or guarantee of any benefits or consequences, commercial or otherwise, that might result from the web site or services.
  9. Renewal fees must be paid before expiration of prior service period.  Failure to pay in advance will result in non-renewal, loss of domain name and other services.  This is typically out of our control and pre-payment is necessary to secure many services that can expire and disappear automatically.